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Meet the face behind the fromage

Hi friends!

Rachel here, born and raised Texan, but current Windy City resident. I live with my partner, David in Wicker Park with our two pups Biggie (our Pitt/Boxer mix) and Bella (our Terrier/Catahoula mix).


My first airplane experience was on a trip to Disney World for my senior year high school cheerleading competition, so it’s safe to say that my love for jet-setting took some getting used to. I have that sheltering to thank for my “calming flight anxiety” meditations currently downloaded offline *(shameless Calm app plug*)! 

I’m a planner by nature and have always spent unnecessary amounts of time doing research, reading blogs, and finding hidden gems before touching down in a new city. As of a few years ago, I started creating detailed itineraries for the trips that David and I planned, and have been giving friends and family advice on what to eat, where to spend day trips, and don’t miss activities for their own adventures for as long as I can remember. It genuinely makes me smile to think about a friend experiencing the same mouth-watering tuna tostada that I rave about to this day in Mexico City or being challenged by that unassuming hike in Cinque Terre that I bitched and moaned about but was well worth the views up top. 

Outside of wanting to recommend amazing experiences to others, travel has done a lot for my personal growth. I spent the last four years working tireless hours at a little startup called Uber, that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Thanks to Uber's unlimited PTO policy, I had the opportunity to work from wherever, whenever, and have had the luxury of traveling for work both at Uber as well as with my current role at Graduate Hotels. From countless trips to San Francisco to college towns like Providence and New Haven, I’m grateful to have endless experiences to see, taste, and learn all around the world.


After years of putting work first, I’m now on a journey to find balance. Through hours of DBT therapy, bingeing wellness podcasts (some of my favorites include Almost 30 and That’s So Retrograde), and learning to practice gratitude, travel has become a lifeline. It’s taught me empathy and openness, has allowed me to recharge to be a more present colleague, friend, and partner, and has enhanced my curiosity about different cultures and beliefs outside of my own. Spending 25 years in Texas can limit you, and honestly, scare you about stepping outside of your comfort zone if you’re not strong-willed. 

These experiences led me to My Fromage Voyage. Post-Uber, I found the space and vigor to start this passion project that I had held close to my chest for years. It’s amazing how a change in environment and fresh perspective can motivate you to take on additional work while equally feeling less burnt out. 

The voyage part is obvious, but why fromage you might ask? Simply, I love cheese. Obsessed might be a better way to describe my relationship with it. From tex-mex style queso (which is a staple potluck dish of mine) to beautifully curated cheese plates, I’ve always found comfort in dairy. Some of my favorite dishes from all around the world are made magical with cheese, which you’ll read about in every post. A not so long term goal of mine is also to open a neighborhood cheese shop, so learning about the ins and outs of the creamy goodness of my favorite Camembert, is a necessity, not just a treat. 

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and experience unforgettable memories and meals on your travels with a little help from my guides! 

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